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so here’s a few things you should inquire about.

interviews. visual or audio.

we like to get to know folks that support us, so if you’re an artists or a creative, we’d love to share your stories on our platforms. just let us know what you’re looking for! *starting at $60*

write ups.

of course, we’re a blog and we write stuff. why not have that stuff be about you and your music or products. we can do short or longer form pieces, whatever you’re looking for! *starting at $0.20 per word*

social media promo.

we also have a platform were you can get some exposure to a new or different audience. we can run an ad and everything, so have your details ready for us! *starting at $5*

event coverage.

we love getting out into the communities and neighborhoods, so if you have showcases, festivals, or community events that need media coverage, we can make it happen. *starting at $300 for 4hrs*

-plans can be arranged for services totaling $100 or more. please use form to inquire about booking-