‘But she wouldn’t stop dancin’ : Smino drops new Beyoncé-inspired freestyle to roll out coming mixtape

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Smino just dropped a new freestyle entitled Smi, Myself, and I, and it’s a Beyoncé-inspired bop fasho! 

The track is already a classic, with Smino rapping over Beyoncé’s iconic “Me, Myself, and I” beat. Smino rhymes and sings his way through an impressive 2-minute display of lyrical dexterity.

-this video starts at 1:12-

Around a minute and ten seconds or so, Smino breaks the beat and switches up his flow. At this point, he delivers his bars in a pentameter-style cadence, resulting in an effortless flow of wordplay. 

The title of the freestyle, Smi, Myself, and I, is a witty play on words with his name being Smino, and the sample being of Beyoncé’s.

Smino’s delivery carries a sense of confidence and charisma that makes the track stand out. He touches on topics such as his past, identity, and self-love, allowing a deeper interpretation of the track.

Overall, Smi, Myself, and I is an impressive display of lyrical skill and creative wordplay. But the ending is what drives this track home. 

“Stuck with her, f*ck with her, ‘cause she come home and makes that Neck. Bones. Greens. Corn. What I want. When I get home.”

Smino — “Smi, Myself, and I”

Smino follows the same melody as the original song when the song hits the bridge, and the vocalists understand the assignment.

This drop is just a sample of what’s to come on Smino’s upcoming mixtape, S.A.D 2, set to drop in April. 


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