OUT NOW: szn two, episode three of W.A.C Podcast featuring NC’s Dipsey D

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We’ve just released episode three of season two, which features North Carolina’s Dipsey D. 

Dipsey D is known as the enlightenment artist around the Fayetteville and Hope Mills area. He created his own lane of rap by highlighting his faith and his commitment to encouraging others through spirituality. 

To be clear – he’s not a gospel rapper. But he has some gospel to spread. In our episode, we explore his life and experiences and how he has an incredible story to tell while droppin’ a few gems to drop along the way. 

This episode sets the tone for our vision with the blogging community we’re building. Here [BTTV] is where real stories and authentic Hip Hop are praised and sought after as a way to uplift the culture. 

As our first interview of the year, we hope y’all tap in for this inspiring episode and share with maybe a friend…or a few 😂

Thank y’all for supporting us!


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