NC’s 47xx is setting the example for consistency in the first quarter of 2023

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NC Hip Hop label, 47 Hundred is seemingly taking over 2023. The first quarter at least.

The East Coast label features artists from the Fayetteville and Goldsboro areas, including James Vader, Mikey Wang Lavish, Goldsboro Grams, and CB Beats.

– CREDS: 47xx Media –

Recently, the label released a visual for West Haven Babies, where known producer and Sample God, CB Beatz, hops on the track along with Mikey Wang on the hook and second verse.

The song is like a coming-of-age story for CB and Wang, highlighting their hometown and the West Haven apartments where they spent their earlier years.

Sour Hour T.W.O

(The Worst Ones)

Before this drop, the label’s Goldsboro Grams released his first project of the year, Sour Hour T.W.O. Grams steps into an elevated storytelling bag, highlighting life as a father and the memories of late 47xx labelmate Kimar Flows.

There has not been much talk from the label’s leader, James Vader, but word on the street is an album is coming sooner than we think.

For now, it looks like 47xx’s consistency is setting the tone as we look forward to spring.


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