New streetwear collection from NC’s Visionaries Clothing embodies a sense of community through creativity and devotion.

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Fayetteville Streetwear brand, Visionaries Clothing, is spreading the love all February with their recent “Loyalty Over Love” Collection! 

Around 2019, the brand’s founder and leading designer, Nicholas Crecy, created the brand to encourage folks to “see beyond your sight.” This mission means firmly believing in an individual’s vision or dream because “we are all visionaries.”

The recent collection embodies the overall mission of Visionaries while incorporating a “Loyalty Over Love” theme in light of Valentine’s day. 

Crecy got the idea for this collection from the long-time support from customers and friends around him. 

“Loyalty was a big inspiration on this design for sure, just having people who supported us over the few years we have been established,” he says. “We are thankful for the loyalty that our VZN family has shown!”

The collection dropped earlier this month and featured three new items Crecy says are “out-of-the-box” designs. 

“We are big on quality as a brand; this is our first time going with a large puff print long sleeve shirt as well as completing the puff print on our pants with the collection as well,” he says. 

The Love Collections includes the “Loyalty Over Love Tee,” “Visionaries Puff Pant,” and “NC Trucker Hat.” The items have newer creative elements like large puff print and embroidery that make them stand out. 

Aside from taking the designs to the next level in this collection, Crecy also had to ensure each piece was up to par for long-time customers. 

“We are big on quality. We work hard to make sure that the quality of our garments is up to standard for our customers,” he says. “Working with different manufacturers to choose quality products is a challenge for sure.”

Although the new items are all fire in several ways, Crecy has one favorite piece he appreciates the most. 

“My favorite part out of the collection has to be the North Carolina-based trucker hat. We are based out of Fayetteville, North Carolina [where] I was born, raised, and fell down,” he says. “So, to be able to have a piece that represents where I am from and where we were founded as well as where it all started just hits differently for myself.”

Crecy and the Visionaries Clothing brand are just getting started regarding drops and motion in the city. He hopes to do more designing and outreach very soon.

“Definitely looking at doing more givebacks in the community, pop up shops, make a few fashion shows, and just expanding as in brand in various ways.”

Visionaries will out in the streets as an official vendor in their first pop-up event of the year on March 18th!

PHOTO CREDS: Collyn Strother

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