A Spotify Exclusive: szn two, episode four of W.A.C Podcast featuring NC’s William Prize

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We back, we back, now sit on down y’all for SZN 2, EP 4 of our Hip Hop centered podcast, Worth A Conversation.

The latest episode of WAC is out now y’all…exclusively on Spotify!

In this virtual episode, G tha Journalist sits down with William Prize from the west side of Fayetteville, NC.

Prize is known as a lyricist and storyteller who chose to pursue music near the close of 2016. Prize is also the founder of AZUS Records, comprised of NC heavy hitters; FazeNC, Fat Mack, Cidy Pyramids, Lymeyis Neptune, and Kareeem Trip.

Prize opens up about the new album, See More Say Less, and gives G the exclusives set to come from AZUS. Prize highlights some obstacles he’s faced recently and why he’s decided to literally “see more” and “say less!”

We also get a look into why he took a slight hiatus from putting out music independently in 2022.

Even though we’re virtual, we hope you take a few of the dropped gems dropped and apply them in your careers if you’re an artist or any creative.

As always, thank y’all for supporting us, and don’t forget to share with a friend…or a few!

Check this out y’all, you can get access to AD-FREE W.A.C episodes + some bonus content from our host, G that Journalist, all for the low. SUBSCRIBE NOW! 


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  1. John O’Reilly

    love it
    Great news! Excited to tune in to the latest episode of Worth A Conversation featuring William Prize.


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