A 404 Exclusive: szn two, episode five of W.A.C Podcast featuring GA’s Rope Da KKomposer

G tha Journalist Avatar

We back, we back, now sit on down y’all for SZN 2, EP 5 of our Hip Hop centered podcast, Worth A Conversation.

In this episode, G tha Journalist sits down with Rope Da KKomposer from Stone Mountain, GA!

As one of tha show’s first Atlanta-area artists to sit down with G, Rope Da KKomposer is way ahead of the curve when it comes to being independent and finding the correct ways to pursue the craft. Rope is known as a man of many hats, including an artist, educator, and cameraman.

Rope’s single “BAG” is an ATL banger with a positive message that is relatable on every level. Rope talks about the ups and downs of independent artistry and drops some gems about real life, such as what not to do as a college student or how to use discernment when conducting business.

Rope is conscious of his choice of words, and he sets an example for young, Black men following a musical path in life.

We hope you take a few of the gems dropped and apply them in your careers if you’re an artist or any type of creative.

As always, thank y’all for supporting us, and don’t forget to share with a friend…or a few!


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