PREDICTION: NC’s Papi Francos is making an album comeback after three years

G tha Journalist Avatar

Francos has yet to drop a full album since 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and slowed down a lot of musical traction from some artists. 

Francos went to Twitter last night and, pretty much, leaked his comeback. 

The last album, Layover, is a classic, of course. Francos presents a more confident approach to his raps while pushing the envelope through song productions and catchy flows. 

Francos dropped an EP in 2022 entitled Reef that featured six tracks, all with a melodic and relatable sound to keep listeners tapped in for the entire fifteen minutes or so. 

Francos’ recent drop, Back to Back, appeals to foreign listeners. The single features Russian artist Nekiy Rus rapping a portion of his verse in his native tongue as the song progresses.  

We really don’t know what to expect on the new album from this Ville-ian, nor do we know when, but we know it will be fye.


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